Real Estate

The Real Estate market is ever-changing, and with it the insurance available is also constantly being updated.  In the event of a loss that damages your property, such as fire, windstorm or terrorism you want to make sure the proper program is in place. That is only the beginning of the challenges faced.  To rebuild there may be costs of construction, new laws, income loss, issues with displaced tenants and many other variables based on the type of building occupancy and the nature of the loss.  Additionally on the liability side as a building owner you face possible injury claims on any given day.  Our team is well-versed in the detailed coverages that you as a real estate owner require whether it be a rental, commercial, condominium, co-operative or vacant building up on a mountain or down by the sea and we have the carriers able to meet your needs waiting to assist you.


The contracting market is volatile and requires coverage that can meet the challenges faced by this industry.  Intense risk management is required to keep up with new laws regarding jobsite injuries, OSHA regulations, construction defects and a multitude of other items.  Carriers that provide this specialized coverage are often non-admitted which can present issues at the time of a loss with forms or endorsements filed or basic solvency issues of the insurance companies themselves.  For example defense costs can amass very quickly so this coverage should be properly addressed on your policy.  A. Logan has a dedicated group who specializes in this industry, keeping informed of current market changes and trends to continue to meet your needs, ensuring that when you need the coverage at the time of a loss or claim, it will be there to protect you.

Business Insurance

Whether you are a manufacturer, office, not-for-profit, restaurant, importer, garage, bank, transporter, retailer, or any other business large or small, family-owned or corporate, local or global, we can create a customized program to address your exposures such as property, liability, builders risk, professional, auto, excess, marine, bonds, directors and officers, workers compensation, disability, and cyber liability coverage along with specialized policies for items not falling into these general categories.  We also offer life insurance, long term disability, and health insurance to protect your assets and loved ones in the unfortunate event that a situation arises requiring same.  As business owners ourselves, having grown and expanded over the years, we understand the complexity of the changing insurance needs of a company and ability to withstand any loss that occurs.

Personal Insurance

You are a business, but you are a person too with individual assets and loved ones that need protection.   A. Logan has an exclusive personal lines staff who is versed in coverages for your home, health, vehicles, property, marine, jewelry, and other individualized needs such as a party or a wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly , and if it doesn’t there is a plan in place to minimize loss and achieve your goals.  Everything that you have worked hard for deserves security so that you can continue to achieve new goals without worrying about the ones you have already accomplished.  The programs that we have in place for our clients are cost effective and placed to encompass their needs.  We feel that each individual deserves a level of coverage and service that we would expect for ourselves, and we provide our clients with the care and attention that they deserve.